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Summer learning loss can affect martial artists too

Summer Learning Loss
It’s Summertime! I love summer. Summer is a time of much happiness and joy and most of my happiest childhood memories happened in the summer.  I was off from school. WooHoo! Summer is a time for swimming, fun with friends and family, BBQs, beach parties, trips to amusement...
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Tournaments: Interviews with 4 Thumpers

Thumpers preparing for upcoming tournament
Martial Arts tournaments are a part of our world, but not a requirement. We are a school that focuses more on street, real world self defense, but there are those in the Thumpers class that are interested and do participate in tournaments. There was a martial arts tournament...
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5 Tips How to Avoid Injuries While Training

Injuries happen, on the training floor or off, but injuries do happen.  I have hurt myself tripping up the stairs or shoveling snow in winter.  I have also pulled muscles and sprained fingers in my 10+ years of training.  No one wants to be injured, it stinks and...
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How Boxing Influenced Jeet Kune Do

Boxing Great Muhammad Ali
Boxing legend Muhammad Ali passed away on June 3, 2016.  This got me thinking about the influence boxing has had on the martial arts, specifically Jeet Kune Do.  Basically, there are 3 main ways that boxing and Muhammad Ali influenced Jeet Kune Do. Boxing Influenced Jeet Kune Do...
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What are Butterfly Swords? History, Use & Where to Buy

Butterfly Swords
Butterfly Swords (Baat Jaam Do) are a unique weapon most commonly found in Southern China and most notably associated with the martial arts styles of Wing Chun, Choy Li Fut, Hung Ga, and Shaolin Kung Fu. Butterfly Swords, which are usually wielded in pairs, are about 11.5 inches long...
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What’s a Sifu Francis Fong Seminar Like?

My First Sifu Francis Seminar The first time I met Sifu Francis Fong was at a seminar in Upstate New York. I had only been training for 6 months and I was a beginner of epic proportions. When I first started my martial arts training I knew nothing,...
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