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5 Tips How to Avoid Injuries While Training

Injuries happen, on the training floor or off, but injuries do happen.  I have hurt myself tripping up the stairs or shoveling snow in winter.  I have also pulled muscles and sprained fingers in my 10+ years of training.  No one wants to be injured, it stinks and...
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The White Sash Guide To Fitness Part 1

Fitness: Where to Begin? This is a question most people face whenever they want to start something new. This can be both exciting or intimidating and in the world of fitness the options seem nearly endless. What do I do to workout? What do I need to eat?...
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Increase Kicking Power: Stretch Adductors

Do your kicks just not have the power you want?  We all like to hear the whomp, whomp sound indicative of a good kick, but some struggle trying to get the right technique.  Your struggle could be due to tight adductors. What are the Adductor Muscles? The adductor muscle...
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