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6 Memorial Day Videos to Honor this Day

Memorial DayMemorial Day is celebrated every year on the last Monday in May.  It is our chance to take a moment and remember all those who have fought and died for our country so that we all may continue to be free.  The brave men and women of the United States armed forces deserve our respect and our gratitude.  Read more about the History of Memorial Day.

Memorial Day Speech by
Oliver Wendell Holmes (1884)

Entitled “In Our Youth Our Hearts Were Touched With Fire” and is one of the most quoted Memorial Day speeches ever given. Read the entire speech.  Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. was a Civil War veteran and future Supreme Court Justice.

“You must be willing to commit yourself to a course, perhaps a long and hard one, without being able to foresee exactly where you will come out. All that is required of you is that you should go somewhither as hard as ever you can. The rest belongs to fate. One may fall-at the beginning of the charge or at the top of the earthworks; but in no other way can he reach the rewards of victory.”

Memorial Day Videos

There have been numerous posting to social media with Memorial Day pictures and videos.  These videos describe and show the importance of this national holiday better than I can.  So, take the time today, away from the BBQ’s and pool parties to watch this compilation of Memorial Day videos (and a few pictures) to help you take your moment to give respect to America’s fallen warriors. They have earned it.



Memorial Day Pictures

A Sailor’s Salute to the USS Oklahoma Memorial

Pearl Harbor –  The USS Arizona monument preserves the stories of the attack on Pearl Harbor, one of the most pivotal moments in US history and the subsequent entry of the US into World War II.

Thank you for your service and sacrifice.


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