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The White Sash Guide To Fitness Part 2 (Movement)

Last week we talked about some fitness basics and how to track your personal fitness level in The White Sash Guide to Fitness Part 1.  This week we get into the topic of movement.

As this is more of a beginners guide, I think a good way to start is to look at what is involved. You have strength, stamina, speed, power, flexibility and coordination just to name a few.  Working out allows for you to improve on those things but whatever method you choose you need to be mindful about it. You may have heard the term “Functional Movement” and in fitness that can have a different meaning depending on who you talk to. 

Universal Movement

To me there are some basic universal movements that should be covered in your training:

Be Stronger, Faster and Harder To Kill

A good way to train those things is by following a progressive periodization strength and conditioning program suited to your level. If you choose to use free weights you need to work on posture, flexibility and position before you start adding load or intensity. Keep in mind every training program will have its limitations. My goal, as I am not striving to be a professional or competitive athlete, is to be well rounded so that I can adapt to whatever life throws at me. I like the phrase Be Stronger, Faster and Harder To Kill.

Your body is surprisingly adaptable and can push much harder than you may realize. This does not mean train yourself into the ground every chance you get as you need to think about the long term results. Balance hard effort days with relaxed movement focused days. The big take away is you MUST be able to recover from the training you do. This means drinking plenty of water, eating right and getting enough sleep. Take care of your body as it’s the only one you get. In Part 3, I will cover more on ways to recover from your training.

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I got my start in the study of Jeet Kune Do back in the mid 90's and after a break to pursue school and career goals I found my way back to the Martial Arts and joined Syracuse Martial Arts Academy. As I have grown as a student I began to educate myself in different aspects of health and fitness as I feel its something everyone can benefit from.

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