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6 Memorial Day Videos to Honor this Day

Memorial Day
Memorial Day is celebrated every year on the last Monday in May.  It is our chance to take a moment and remember all those who have fought and died for our country so that we all may continue to be free.  The brave men and women of the...
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Shedding Light on Sexual Assault

Self Defense Against Sexual Assault
Sexual assault is a difficult topic for many. A few weeks ago I watched the documentary called The Hunting Ground  which exposed the issue of sexual assault on America’s college campuses.  I had some questions regarding the film and was able to connect with Daniel Tuczinski of the...
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What are Butterfly Swords? History, Use & Where to Buy

Butterfly Swords
Butterfly Swords (Baat Jaam Do) are a unique weapon most commonly found in Southern China and most notably associated with the martial arts styles of Wing Chun, Choy Li Fut, Hung Ga, and Shaolin Kung Fu. Butterfly Swords, which are usually wielded in pairs, are about 11.5 inches long...
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The White Sash Guide To Fitness Part 1

Fitness: Where to Begin? This is a question most people face whenever they want to start something new. This can be both exciting or intimidating and in the world of fitness the options seem nearly endless. What do I do to workout? What do I need to eat?...
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