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5 Reasons Why Martial Arts Training is Good for Adults

More and more adults are taking martial arts. And this is a good thing. Most people think martial arts is for kids. But that is just not the case.  I did not start my training until I was in my 30’s and it has had a tremendous positive impact in my life. I wish I had started sooner, but hey, I’m here now and that is all that matters.

Here are 5 reasons why martial arts training is good for adults.


#5 Martial Arts helps keep adults social.

Many times adults can get reclusive.  We get stuck in our own routine.  Even going to a gym can have a lonely feeling.  People just come in, workout, and leave.  At a martial arts school, you are training with people. Everyone in the class is at a different stage in their journey, but we are all on that same journey together. We train together, we learn together, we cheer each other on.  Because we are a family, we even get together outside of class and watch UFC together, we watch new movies together, like the July 2016 release of the new Jason Bourne movie. Cannot wait for that one.  And we even go to seminars and martial arts festivals together. Road trip!!  At seminars and festivals you get to meet a whole bunch of new people.  I have been to countless seminars and festivals over the years and everyone I have met some of the nicest and most amazing people, like Chris LaCava from Connecticut and Sule Welch from Atlanta.  There are so many more, I cannot name them all.

#4 Martial Arts helps keep adults physically fit.

Let’s face it, we are not getting any younger and something happens when we hit certain age milestones. We cannot pull all-nighters like we used to. We cannot sit down on the couch without letting out a little sigh of relief. We cannot eat the way we used to without it sticking around a lot longer than usual.  Let’s face it, we are not in our late teens and early twenties anymore and stuff starts changing.  Martial arts can help adults reclaim their youth. In just one class there is stretching, strength training, and cardio conditioning. It is a great way to increase flexibility to ease achy hips and shoulders.  There are two individuals in my lineage that are my inspiration, Guro Kevin Seaman and Sifu Francis Fong are both in their 60’s, but they move like they are in their 20’s.

#3 Martial Arts helps keep adults mentally fit.

As we age, we begin to show signs of aging, like forgetting where we parked the car in the parking lot. Or where we left the car keys.  What did you do for Thanksgiving last year?  One test doctors do to test memory is ask a patient to remember three words, in order. For example, try to remember this three word sequence: Truck-Cabin-Spoon.  Other tests require the patient to do three simple things, like “take a piece of paper, fold it in half, and place it on the floor.”  Training in martial arts will help adults stay mentally fit because the entire class is about remembering how to do certain tasks.  There are forms and flow drills, focus mitt drills and sinawali patterns. Each class has a curriculum that students must know in order to progress.  The instructor will show a certain technique and you have to remember what he did in order to practice. Sometimes, the instructor will show 3 variations of the technique. Now you need to remember 3 separate techniques that are similar, yet different. Training in Kung Fu keeps you smart.

#2 Martial Arts helps keep adults less stressed out.

Adults have stress. We have to worry about the job, and the boss, and the spouse, and the kids, and the money, paying bills, paying taxes, paying the mortgage. <sigh> It is a lot stress being an adult. Martial arts allows you to reduce stress because you get to punch and kick stuff!  I love it.  Anytime I have had a particularly trying and stressful day, I just ask the instructor if we can hit stuff today.  Nine times out of 10 he agrees.  Even from my most stressful days, by the middle of class I am smiling and having a great time.  I have punched and kicked my way into a better and happier place.  My family thanks me for taking my stress out on the bags and not them.

#1 Martial Arts helps adults build confidence and stay safe.

It is no secret that kids need to build their self confidence, but so do adults. Life can take its toll and adults can get beat up by the bullies in this world too.  As adults we need a way to make sure that we do not lose sight of our own self confidence so we can stand up to those who would tear us down. Martial arts can do this for us.  Martial arts can give you the self confidence to ask your boss for that raise you want. Or give you the confidence to go back to school and get your degree. Martial arts can also give you the skills that will give you the confidence if you ever need to face real world bullies to keep you and your family safe.

So, do you remember those three words?



Jeanne started her martial arts training later in life and has been training at SMAA for over 10 years. She likes all aspects of the martial arts from the physical challenges to the spiritual pursuits of martial etiquette and virtue. She has a master degree in marketing and is currently working on her MBA.

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